Land Rover & Jaguar 2.0 Ingenium Engine

204DTA Engine Problems

The 204DTA engine shares the same problems as other variants in the Ingenium range like the 204DTD. However we have found an issue that looks to be more common with the twin turbo 204DTA platform.

Upon inspection we have found this specific 2.0 Ingenium engine shows signs of excessive wear inside the cylinders. This wear is created by the piston rings dragging small build-ups of iron particles across the cylinder walls. After a period of time a large “step” is created at the end of the piston travel cycle, this clearly shows the cutting effect the piston rings generate and explains the lack of compression. This makes the process of removing the pistons more complicated as the step needs to be removed to do so.

We believe a contributing factor is the liners fitted to the block from factory may not be sufficient for the application. When rebuilding this engine new high quality liners are fitted.

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