BMW X5 3.0D engine rebuild. Multiple engine failure

This BMW came to us very loud knocking. Obvious crankshaft big end bearing failure. Possible one or more main bearings spun
During engine disassembly I found only one big end spun. Cylinder block is good. Only honing will be required. After removing cylinder head I immediately noticed that some pistons are not looking normal. They are damaged by faulty over fuelling injectors. All injectors will be replaced.

Thankfully no damage to cylinder block. Bores will be refreshed on honing machine.

Sourced N57 Standard original crankshaft.
New main bearings
Replaced damaged pistons and conrods. New bearings
Cylinder head completely disassembled and cleaned. All valves re-seat and steam seals are replaced.

Original Elring cylinder head gasket
New N57 timing chain kit installed
Rebuild engine