BMW N47 Engine Rebuild

Common Mini 2.0D Engine Failures (N47)

The Mini 2.0D engine is a BMW N47 platform known as the N47C20. These engines are prone to failure in all configurations. We commonly work with this at Dieselheads.

The N47 engine commonly suffers from timing failure, in these cases the timing chain snaps or stretches causing damage to rocker arms, camshaft carrier & cams, vales and guides. We have discovered failed turbochargers on both single and twin turbo variants, some of these examples are engines that have not been maintained with regular oil changes. In most cases the plastic timing guides leave small fragments which make their way down and can block oil feed and galleries, therefore causing turbocharger failure. Like most engine failures this can cause multiple following failures.


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Mini 2.0 Diesel Engine (N47C20)

mini countryman engine

Engine History

The BMW N47 engine was released in 2007 to replace the existing M47 platform. The N47 was produced in 1.6 litre and 2.0 variants with single and twin turbocharging all with varying power outputs for different models. These were fitted to various BMW vehicles but adapted for use in the Mini Cooper, Countryman, One, Clubman & Paceman. This replaced the existing PSA diesel engines used at the time.

mini n47 engine rebuild

Although the N47 engine is prone to failure it is very repairable. Unlike many engines we have seen the N47 is more likely to be rebuilt from the original, therefore it is less common to encounter a bottom end failure causing engine block damage. This means an engine surcharge is less likely to apply.

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