BMW B47 2.0 Engine Rebuild

Common BMW B47 2.0 Engine Failures

The BMW B47 2.0 diesel engine has similar issues to the N47 engine.

The B47 engines suffer from timing failure too, the resulting damage is also similar: the timing chain can stretch or snap causing damage to rocker arms, cam carrier, guides & valves. Some of these examples are engines that have not been maintained with regular oil changes. These cases can be more severe and we have seen crankshaft failure and spun bearings. More often the plastic timing guides leave small fragments which make their way down and can block oil feed and galleries, therefore causing turbocharger failure and like most engine failures this can cause multiple following failures in the form of oil starvation etc.

BMW Engine Rebuild

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BMW 2.0 Diesel Engine (B47)

bmw 2.0 diesel b47

Engine History

The B47 engine was released in 2014 as the replacement for the previous N47 platform. This was released as a 2.0 variant known as the B47D20, this platform was designed to be modular and adaptable for various applications. This was produced with 114hp, 148hp, 168hp, 202hp, 221hp & 228hp.

We consider the B47 engine to be repairable due to the nature of the failures that occur. It is more common for an engine surcharge not to apply, especially in the case of timing failure. A complete engine rebuild is very conventional and we commonly work on this engine here at Dieselheads.