Land Rover 2.2 Engine Rebuild

Common Land Rover 2.2 Engine Failures

Land Rover 2.2 engine – crankshaft failure.

Most commonly we find that all variants of the 2.2 diesel engine (eD4 TD4 SD4) experience the same loss of oil pressure and lack of lubrication. This usually causes crankshaft failure in the form of spun bearings and even a seized engine. Inspection also shows the valve stems are made from a weaker or softer material and they incur damage from the rocker arms.

If a failure is caught early enough it is possible to save the original engine block but in lots of cases we have seen the damage sustained is far too great and a replacement block is required (engine surcharges).

Everything is done to make sure the engine we produce is high quality and will last, we give a 1 year warranty with all of our Land Rover engines.

Land Rover Engine rebuild

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Land Rover 2.2 eD4 SD4 TD4 (224DT)

evoque 2.2 engine

Engine History

In 2008 Land Rover adopted the 2.2 TDCI platform developed by Ford for use in the Land Rover Freelander 2, this was also released into Ford’s line up in 2008. This has 3 variants – eD4 (148bhp), TD4 (158bhp) and the SD4 (187bhp). This platform was later used in the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque. The engine was initially a joint venture between Ford and PSA, the production of this engine was carried out at PSA’s factory. Both Land Rover and Ford updated the engine until Jaguar Land Rover deployed their own branded Ingenium engines in late 2015.