Identifying The Problem

It is important to understand when an engine problem has developed, an example of this is engine knocking. When a prominent knocking sound is coming from the engine this usually indicates a bottom end failure, before taking your vehicle to a garage for diagnosis you can initiate contact with us by filling out the form on the contact page. If a mobile number is provided we can establish communication through WhatsApp whereby you can send a video of the problem you are experiencing. This way you can avoid expensive diagnosis bills and unnecessary stripping of unrelated components.

Example Of Engine Knocking (Land Rover Discovery 2.0 Ingenium)

Here is a video sent to us by one of our customers, we can see here the engine is knocking and a bottom end failure has most likely occurred. If you are experiencing a similar problem DO NOT run the vehicle, there is a chance if caught quick enough the engine block itself can be saved. If the engine block can be used for the rebuild you will save the cost of an engine surcharge.


It is common for people to go to a local garage for help and advice when it comes to an issue with their engine. Unfortunately most general work garages do not have the knowledge and infrastructure to carry out in depth engine work. This means during the diagnosis process many components are stripped from the engine to figure out the problem, once parts have been stripped they may inform you the repair cannot be carried out as they are unable to rebuild or replace the engine.

Problems This Can Cause

Firstly you will be charged for the labour involved with diagnosing your vehicle, this could be hundreds of pounds.

Secondly it is common when a vehicle is stripped like this various small parts can be lost, adding to the cost of a rebuild.

Thirdly there is a specific procedure when removing an engine correctly and professionally, this can interfere with that process adding more time and sometimes cost if parts were damaged previously.

There have also been many cases of attempted repair, this often creates a worse situation for both parties. Parts are damaged, missing and incorrectly assembled.


Here we can see all measures have been taken to save money during this repair. The cylinder heads and camshaft holders of this 3.0 TDV6 have been unnecessarily covered with silicone in order to try and reuse the valve cover gasket. The excessive amount of compound in these areas is likely to cause further damage as it can enter the lubrication area of the camshafts. This was still leaking and so proves the ineffectiveness of an improper repair.