Land Rover Discovery 5 Engine Rebuild

We recently had a Land Rover Discovery 5 2017 in for an engine rebuild, we did not know what to expect as the vehicle had only covered 24,000 miles from new which is quite rare for a 3.0 TDV6.

After carrying out the normal procedure of removing the engine from the vehicle, we stripped it down and immediately we could see the cause of engine failure, fuel injectors. One injector had been over fuelling and melting the piston, this had caused a large amount of damage and the result was a seized engine.

The engine block was in no suitable condition to use so we needed to send it off for a re-bore and a new oversized set of pistons was used. Continuing on from this the usual components were replaced and engine was rebuilt up with new gaskets, a full set of new injectors were installed for the best chance of preventing a similar failure in the future.

The 3.0 v6 engine in this discovery 5 is generally the same as previous TDV6 versions, however this was the “gen 2” version and the fitting procedure is of course different too. A couple of issues present themselves with the newer generation of JLR vehicles and one major is the quality of the subframe bolts and threads. It looks to be a poor design and material quality that causes all of the internal thread of the subframe bolt locations to disintegrate with almost no force, any threads are repaired and bolts are replaced with 10.9 grade automotive bolts (minimum).

The vehicle is now running incredibly smoothly and another happy customer!